Jamie Saft

"Trouble - The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob Dylan" (Tzadik)
Astaroth: The Jamie Saft Trio plays Masada Book Two" (Tzadik)
"Murderball: Music From the Film" (Commotion)
"Breadcrumb Sins" (Tzadik)
"Sovlanut" (Tzadik)

Jamie Saft/Jerry Granelli
  "The Only Juan" (Loveslave)
  "Ragged Jack" (Avant)
Jamie Saft/Merzbow
  "Merzdub" (Caminante)
John Zorn

"Electric Masada: 50th Birthday Celebration, Volume 4" (Tzadik)
"Electric Masada: At the Mountains Of Madness" (Tzadik)
"Taboo and Exile" (Tzadik)
"The Big Gundown- Music Of Ennio Morricone" (Tzadik)
"The Gift" (Tzadik)
"Cobra" (Tzadik)
"I.A.O." (Tzadik)
"Filmworks IX-Trembling Before God" (Tzadik)
"Filmworks X-In the Mirror of Maya Deren" (Tzadik)
"Filmworks XI- 2002 Vol. 1 Secret Lives" (Tzadik)
"Filmworks XII- 2002 Vol. 2 Three Documentaries" (Tzadik)
"Filmworks XVI- Workingman's Death" (Tzadik)
"Filmworks Anthology 1986-2005" (Tzadik)

Bobby Previte

"Too Close to the Pole" (Enja)
"Latin For Travellers- My Man in Sydney" (Enja)
"Latin For Travellers- Dangerous Rip" (Enja)
"The 23 Constellations of Jean Miro" (Tzadik)
"Coalition of the Willing" (ropeadope)

Dave Douglas


"Freak In" (RCA)
"Keystone" (Greenleaf)

Cyro Baptista


"Beat the Donkey" (Tzadik)
"Love the Donkey" (Tzadik)

Wadada Leo Smith


"Lake Biwa" (Tzadik)

Pramrod Sexena
  "GODSPECIALPEOPLE" (Jumbo/FrankBoothIndustries)
"CRACKWELLS" (Jumbo/FrankBoothIndustries)
Jamie & Vanessa Saft
  "Great Jewish Composers- Sasha Argov" (Tzadik)
"Zorn- Voices in the Wilderness" (Tzadik)

Jerry Granelli



"Badlands" (Songlines)
"Enter the Dragon" (Songlines)
"Music Has Its Way With Me" (Perimeter)

Jane Ira Bloom


"Like Silver, Like Song" (ArtistShare)

Chris Speed Trio
  "Iffy" (Knitting Factory)
Vivian Sisters
  "Vivian Sisters" (Avant)
The B-52's
  "You Are the Chosen One" (Atlantic)
Elysian Fields
  "Queen of the Meadow" (Jet Set)
Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles
  "La Mar Enfortuna" (Tzadik)
Holly Palmer
  "Holly Palmer" (Warner/Reprise)
"Party of Five" (soundtrack album on Warner)
Peter Epstein
  "Staring at the Sun" (MA)
"The Invisible" (MA)
Cuong Vu
  "Bound" (Omnitone)
E-Z Pour Spout
  "Don't Shave the Feeling" (Loveslave)
J. Granelli
  "El Oh El Ay" (Loveslave)
"Gigantic" (Loveslave)

Christina Wheeler

  "Blowout-Burst" (Blowout Music)

David Gould

  "Adonai in Dub" (Tzadik)
  "Boomish" (Kinetic Surge)
Mary Larose

"Walking Woman" (GM)

"The Blue Guitar" (Little Music)

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