Featuring husband and wife team Vanessa Saft and Jamie Saft! Look for their hit single "You're Changed" in a store near you. Also look for a track by Jamie and Vanessa on the Great Jewish Composers Series release on Tzadik featuring the music of Sasha Argov called "Ad" and a track on the John Zorn record "Voices in the Wilderness" called "Kedem" also on Tzadik. Wonderpants is working on a new reggae record for release on Dub Provisions coming soon! Also listen for Vanessa on John Zorn's "Filmworks XI- Secret Lives" and Cyro Baptista's "Beat the Donkey", both on Tzadik.

OTHER GOODIES: Be on the lookout for a record Saft produced and arranged called Merzdub- it's a dub battle between renouned noisemaster Merzbow and dub provider Jamie Saft. out on caminante available at www.caminanterecordings.com

Saft also completed a record of avant dubs for David Gould's new release on Tzadik entitled "Adonai in Dub"- dub deconstructions of Jewish tefilot over roots reggae beats.

ALSO CHECK OUT THE REMIXES SAFT HAS BEEN PRODUCING- Jamie Saft recently completed a few remixes for other artists. Check out Jamie's remix of Vida Blue (a Phish side project) here
and also check out Jamie's remix of Dave Douglas' Witness band at Dave's site.
And, Jamie associate produced Dave Douglas' new record for RCA (recorded and mixed at Frank Booth!) called "Freak In". check it out at a theatre near you...