featuring MR. DORGON and Brother James
GET YOUR COPY NOW of the new VINYL release from Pramrod Sexena called "GODSSPECIALPEOPLE"! this album was recorded at Frank Booth, features a guest appearance from Vanessa Saft, and is pressed on see through GOLD VINYL. mastered direct to vinyl by Scott Hull, this record will satisfy all your audiophile needs while pushing all your buttons simultaneously. please email for purchasing information (this is a limited edition release-500 copies is all!) truly brutal. uh, I don't feel so good... the "Crackwells" limited press double CD release is SOLD OUT! if you ask nicely, i might consider selling you a cdr copy without official art if you really want it (same price $25)! enquire within... look for an upcoming release on dub provisions in the spring of 2004.

pramrod sexena live at the Den of Iniquity